3D visualization of design data

Xsite® MANAGE enables the visualization of your projects data, such as surface model designs and as-built data points. This brings benefits to overall data management and helps to monitor the projects progress.

3D Visualization

Xsite® MANAGE cloud service is suitable for any construction site that uses Xsite machine control systems and Xsite® PAD surveying devices.

The latest feature, Manage3D, enables the visualization of surface models, surveying, and as-built points as part of the worksite’s data management.

Manage3D combines and distributes the necessary up-to-date information to various stakeholders, enabling high-quality construction production. You’ll be able to visualize the overall picture of the work quality and the progress of the work stages in real-time.

Visualize surface files

With Xsite Manage you can view XML surface files in our 2D/3D Viewer. You can show several surface files at the same time.

Visualize asbuilt points

By visualizing asbuilt points you can see everything that have been surveyed in the project. As-built data can be used for quality control or tracking job site progress.

Export survey data

The survey data can be filtered and exported in LandXML, CSV, GT and PXY formats.

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