Getting started with Xsite® MANAGE cloud service

Xsite® MANAGE cloud service enables earthmoving professionals to work smarter, use resources more efficiently, and become more competitive. The service combines and shares up-to-date information to different project stakeholders, enabling high-quality construction.

Main Features

  • Seamless data transfer
  • Remote support
  • 3D Visualization
  • Coordinate transformation
  • Third Party API

Xsite® MANAGE is suitable for every construction project that uses Xsite® machine control systems or measuring devices. You can import machine control models to Xsite MANAGE from nearly any CAD software.

How to get started?

Before your first sign-in, You’ll need admin user credentials. The admin user will be responsible for administrating your construction projects, machines, users, and data management.

The admin user is usually the person responsible for the company’s design data and the data management of the construction site.

You’ll find a short admin user training and a presentation of the main features from the video below.

How to get admin credentials?

Your local Xsite support team creates admin credentials for your company. Please contact your local Xsite® Dealer for more information.

Cloud Settings in Machine Control System

The Xsite® MANAGE cloud synchronization is enabled by default in your 3D machine control system. The deployment of the cloud service doesn’t require actions from the machine operator.

If there’s a third party that is responsible for your design data (e.g. main contractor/engineering company), please contact the person responsible for data management to connect your system to the correct project.

Online training video for admin users

System requirements

Machine Control Systems and measuring devices

  • Xsite® PRO 3D (APP v2.7. software and at least MCC15 controller)
  • Xsite® PRO 3D -LANDNOVA X (v14.0 software)
  • Xsite® PAD (LANDNOVA X, v14.0 software)