Third party API

Choose an easier life – choose Xsite. Connect machines, users, and survey data in one platform.

You will find comprehensive documentation to help you build integrations on the Xsite Manage platform.

Third party API

If you are interested in building an integration to your internal systems. You can develop software integrations to synchronize files and asbuilt points between Xsite Manage and applications.

Connect and build integrations to software like project management or CAD applications to meet your specific business needs.

Technical documentation

Further technical documentation on our API can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding our API, contact us at:

API partner

Once application has been connected to Xsite Manage’s API. We will publish the integration in the list of partners integrations and making the solution available to other users.

To see a complete list of partners and available integrations, please visit here.


Built for developers

The possibility of using Xsite Manage’s API allows software developers to create user-friendly and intuitive solutions for end customers.

Using API, customers can easily manage and interact with information stored in Xsite Manage.

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