Seamless data transfer

Xsite® MANAGE offers a seamless data transfer between the field and the office, enabling construction professionals to work smarter, use resources more efficiently, and become more competitive.

Seamless data transfer

No more paper plans or driving around construction sites with USB-drives. Share data instantly between machines, devices, and users. Up-to-date data is available in the right place, at the right time.

Xsite Manage allows all project users to access the data flow in the cloud, with an easy and intuitive user interface.

Simplify data transfer between applications, machines and surveying devices.

Sync surface files

Save a surface file to the Xsite Manage on your cloud project, and it will synchronize automatically to Xsite machine control systems and survey devices.

Newly saved or updated files are automatically synced in connected devices.

With the Xsite application, locally synchronized folders and files are available even when you’re away from an internet connection. Once you get back online, Xsite Manage will automatically synchronize your folders and files with all the latest changes.

Sync asbuilt points

All documented work, such as pipeline installations and constructed surfaces will be synchronize to the cloud project. As-built data can be used for quality control or tracking job
site progress.

Locally measured points are available even when you’re away from an internet connection. Once you get back online, Xsite machine control system and survey devices will automatically synchronize your asbuilt points to the cloud.

Asbuilt data is always in sync with project management!

Project management

With cloud-native project and document management platform. Xsite Manage makes it easy to securely create and collaborate on content from any Xsite machine and devices.

No more locally stored projects in machines or the use of USB sticks in earthmoving construction projects.

Trust that all stakeholders have access to the latest information in a centralised platform, and in a format that everyone can understand.

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