We are looking for integration partners who are building solutions to modernize earthmoving construction!



SkyMap simplifies for the construction and real estate industry with web-based 3D software and a digitized workflow. By visualizing and digitizing, from the first idea to the finished building and on to the management of the property, costly errors can be detected and avoided at an early stage, communication and cooperation are simplified and follow-up and documentation are quality assured. It increases productivity and creates security for both customers and contractors.

SkyMap Innovations AB is an entrepreneurial company from the heart of Småland in Sweden, sprung from measurement technology for construction and civil engineering. Since the start in 2015, we have helped hundreds of customers in areas such as construction, civil engineering, measurement technology, design, property management and public operations to simplify construction and increase the profitability of projects.

Gemini Connected – Volue

Gemini Connected digitizes multiple processes that simplifies the flow of information within and across different organizations working on an infrastructure project. Different events happening in the infrastructure project can either be reported directly through this app inside Microsoft Teams, or through any other of the other clients provided in the Gemini Connected eco system.

The integration allows data to flow smoothly between the SkyMap Portal, Gemini Terrain and Xsite Manage through collection, design, review and customization. The design of the projects can be clearly visualized and coordinated. It offers opportunities to analyse, quantify and calculate costs.


Holixa Site Management System (SMS) is map interface for Trimble Connect. Data stored in Trimble Connect can be viewed and used on a map.

Browser based solution provides seamleass dataflow from the office to the worksite and back. Holixa SMS enables viewing inframodels on the map interface and allows user to take different type of sections. Holixa SMS provides integrations to variable solutions needed in an infrastructure project.

As an example Holixa SMS provides bi-directional data transfer to Novatron Xsite Manage. This integration includes file transfer as well as sharing and displaying as-built data.