Release Notes – October 2023

The fastest and most powerful model viewer for Xsite customers

Together with prestigious we have enhanced the 3D visualization of Xsite Manage to be more diverse than ever for the subcontractors, surveyors, and foremen in the field of the earthmoving construction.

The latest update also brings improvements to the user experience. Please see the details below and be amazed!

The strategic partnership with will provide model viewer which will combine the best competence and expertise of Novatron Oy and

Model viewer enables the visualization of surface models, background maps, surveying, map styles, machines, and as-built points as part of data management. Model viewer is suitable for any construction site that uses Xsite machine control systems and Xsite Pad surveying devices. The cloud service combines and distributes the necessary up-to-date information to various stakeholders, enabling high-quality construction production.

With the tool, you can achieve the quality requirements of a construction project even more efficiently and easily. The goal is to visualize the overall picture of the quality of the work and the progress of the work stages in real time.

Model viewer features

  • Visualize Landxml and DXF file(s) on map
  • Visualize pipe networks
  • Switch between 2d and 3d in map view
  • View BIM data in wanted map type
  • Show and hide machine(s) on map
  • Click on machine and see the details of the machine
  • The locations of the operating machine(s) in the last 10 minutes
  • Mobile friendly user interface
  • Visualize surface models, asbuilt points and machines in the same overview
  • Read and analyze large or small earthmoving projects

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