Release Notes – December 2022

A seamless data transfer between cloud service and Xsite® PRO 3D drill rigs

Xsite® MANAGE is a perfect solution for Xsite® PRO 3D drill rigs. The new solution enable seamless communication between machine control systems, drill rigs and the office.

A surface model, design model, or drill plan created with design software can be transferred wirelessly from the office to the Xsite® PRO 3D system as a file or as a coordinate points, using the Xsite® MANAGE cloud service.

With a two-way wireless connection, as-built data can be sent back to the office for review or quality control.

Data Sharing Between Drill Operators

The asbuilt data of the drill holes can be shared between Xsite systems in the same construction project. This significantly streamlines the information flow as all drill operators can see which holes have already drilled.

Xsite® MANAGE Features

  • Sync asbuilt data between cloud service and drill rigs
  • Sync design data between cloud service and drill rigs
  • Visualize asbuilt data on map
  • Visualize design data or drill plans on map
  • Export drilled asbuilt data in CSV format
  • Analyze asbuilt data for quality control
  • Create local transformation file for drill rigs

coordinate transformation tool in mobile

We are happy to tell you that Xsite® users can use coordinate transformation tool now on both Android and iOS devices. Create and edit local coordinate transformation in mobile device now!

Xsite® is part of International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard

To support future customer needs in the mining and construction industry. We have joined as a member in the International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard (IREDES).

It´s a real pleasure to collaborate with prestigious companies in the field of mining and construction industry!


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