Starter license will be valid from 01.01.2024 and PRO license will be included in the Xsite® PRO 3D and Xsite® PAD purchases. PRO license is yearly recurring subscription. Please contact your local dealer for more information.

Storage The Starter license includes the right to create 2 projects and storage space for 25 files per project. The PRO license includes the right to create unlimited projects and adding files up to 15GB.Storage is limited
UsersNo access restrictions or pricing per user account.
Synchronize Files Synchronize surface files from Cloud Service into Xsite® products.
Synchronize AsbuiltSynchronize surface files from Xsite® products into Cloud Service.
Backups Backups of files and asbuilt points in the Cloud Service.
Support & Service With remote support, your local Xsite® dealer can provide you guidance or troubleshooting without having to visit the site.
User Training We train administrators and users by presenting the extensive functionality of Manage in a captivating and user-friendly way.
KnowledgebaseIn the Knowledgebase you can find answers, tips, and other important info when you need it 24/7!
Format ConverterCommon data exchange between applications, machine control systems, measuring devices and users.
Synchronize Coordinate System FilesUploaded coordinate system files will be automatically synchronized into Xsite® products.
Remote SupportRemote connection enables accessing Xsite’s machine control systems and devices Remote connection enables accessing Xsite’s machine control systems and devices wirelessly.
Machine ActivityAutomatically track and report machine activity on your daily report.
Create a projectCreate a project in the Cloud Service.Create only
2 Projects
Archive Projects Archive and unarchive projects in the Cloud Service.
Multi Access Administrate customer organizations and data management behalf Xsite customers.
Third party APIUse third party integrations with the Cloud Service.
3D VisualizationThe Cloud Service enables the visualization of surface models, surveying, and as-built points as part of the worksite’s data management.
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